Don’t be stopped by a Detour 

Simple, quick and easy read but I think this is something we need to think about more often 


Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow

- Albert Einstein

Take a moment and think about a hypothetical situation that we all might have been through once or twice.  Your family is on a road trip! Your excited for the ride and ready to get to the Grand Canyon or Disney Land or whatever your favorite memory when you were a kid with your family vacation.   Next your driving along and your about half way there! Out of nowhere there is a huge detour sign. There are signs pointing you to the new route to get around and back on your planned path and you have to choose to trust those signs OR you have to turn around and just go home. Which do you choose? Your not just going to go home YOU GOT DISNEY LAND TO GET TO! So you push on trusting the signs and you get right back on track! Think about how simple that trust is in those signs.

Now think about this with a large mindset, your dreams, aspirations and goals could all use this logic!  You get of track, get back on and go after it! Chase your dreams even when it don't make sense! Wrong turn? Keep going!

Just keep driving

Don't Waste A Day